Practicing singing while driving

‘’I always practice singing in the car because cannot be loud in my house.’’
Believe it or not, a lot of people share this issue!
In the car, you are not bothering anybody else even if you shout and yell loudly. That’s why the car is a perfect place to practice.
I am going to explain and share my expert advice about training the voice while driving. And also compare the sound from a soundproof room to a car when singing.

Soundproof:(YAHAMA  AVITECS Dr-35)
We prepared two cars which are Prius G and Porshe Cayman S

1:Paying attention,is going to cause shallow breathing when driving.
2:The breath associated muscle cannot move proper due to the tightness of the seat belt.
3: It is easy to get the wrong pitch when cutting the wheel because it makes you off balance.
4: If it is noisey in the car,vocalizing is going be coarse and reduce the quality of voice.
5: Easy to forget the lyrics.
6: You get a long tempo due to keeping up up with the car’s speed.
7: Practice safe driving,by not letting singing distract you from the road and your responsibilities operating a vehicle.

It is sometimes dangerous to focus on singing too much while driving, so remember this tips or preferably have vocal training in the appropriate area.
Smooth drive

Note 1:
Which do you think is better for singing in the car, driving with your right-hand or left?
The answer is left-hand, because the seat-belt covers your right shoulder,clavicle,right lung, and left pelvis.
The left is opposite, those obstructions.
Generally, left lung is smaller than right lung because the heart is located in the left side.
Therefore,the seat belt limits movement in the car, so you should be free with your right lung instead of the left-lung. Mainly because the right-lung has more volume.
Some newer models of cars have advanced seat-belts and safety features, so some of you might not have this issue.
car chair

Note 2:
You”re probably wondering, did I actually use a Porshe for this test?
Yes. Taking safety into consideration, we went to Ooarai-beach in Ibaragi-pre and performed the test along the beach.
A special thanks to a friend, for letting me use their car in this compare and contrast experiment.

Note 3:
I recently described about how mechanical noises really have an influence on singing and hearing. The performance cars make engine sounds which are comparable to music. It can be especially helpful to listen engine sounds such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or Maserati to vocalize better.
It’s hard to judge whether this is true or not, however, I remember my acquaintance said that I got better at
pitch shift and vibrato after I copied an engine sound.
I would suggest investing in a luxury sports car, because you can feel the vibration of the engine at the back of your body while listening clearly to the car. Which in turn will help control and variate your pitch and vocals.


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