Breath = The driving power of voice

When comparing phonation(singing) to playing the acoustic guitar (stroking),the breath is similar to the hand motion of playing a guitar.(stroke)
If the stroke was weak while play a guitar, it woud not be able to control or create sounds and, or music .
It is the same with breathing, that’s why, breath is very important.
Please see the following figures.
It’s good to understand the mechanics of vocalization to create a singing voice as first step.
Human respiratory system
Note 1: You might not need to know structure or mechanics, if you do not have a  problem grasping phonation. But, if you feel like ”you are not good at hitting high registers”, ”hard to make a  long breath, or hold a long note” or maybe just ”want to sing better”. Research and understanding, and reading these pages about the  the throat will only make you better at achieving those vocal goals.

Note 2 : The body of an acoustic guitar in comparison to a human resonance chamber. Focus on the pharyngeal cavity. This plays a very important role,  because this will ultimately decide the tone and sound of your voice.
Human respiratory system
I have outlined the following steps to share with you in which you should focus on, about, ‘How to take a breath properly in my ‘Voice Care Salon’
(1 ) Extension of the internal and external intercostal muscles.
(2) Movements associated with the levator scapulae and the subclavian muscle.