Fatigue Voice Improvement Method Part II

To Reference FV Part I. Click here.

To dramatically improve voice, one must be familiar and knowledgeable with their own throat and personal attributes.
I name FV stands for Fatigue Voice which is when the extrinsic muscles are  tired and or strained due to overuse of the voice.
If FV is not diagnosed or treated, it will eventually lead to vocal impairments or organic diseases, such as : vocal cord nodules, vocal fold polyps, hyperfunctional dysphonia or a condition know as hypertonic voice disorder.

(Improvement method of FV)
Please try after using voice:
1: Slowly stretch with deep breaths (Truly right efficient breaths)
2: Apply a warm towel to your throat for five minutes in the supine position
3:Get enough rest or sleep
If your condition is still not chronic or diseased, the above 3 are OK.
Please try it and create a better voice!