The voice and yogurt : vocal cord atrophy

There are many positive effects of yogurt for the body, such as beauty, prevention of influenza and even hay fever…  One of my clients recently reported that yogurt had helped their vocal cord atrophy.
When I worked at a clinic, the same client came in to see our otolaryngologist for a vocal cord atrophy diagnosis.
I saw him because he did not need surgery.I visually inspected, performed palpation, did an image inspection and ordered a blood flow ultrasonogram in order to investigate the status of larynx.
As a result, I discovered the space of the thyrohyoid bones were narrower and displayed poor blood flow on the superior laryngeal artery. I stretched the vertical axis of the larynx muscles by tugging, making the muscles flaccid by exclusive low-frequency waves focusing on the extrinsic laryngeal muscles and then spreading out the thyrohyoid bones by way of massage.
I saw the effects instantly on the muscles after I applied my techniques and healing methods, but his hoarse voice was not effected.
I then asked him, “Do you like yogurt? Yogurt is a non pathogenic bacteria that is good for the body and strengthens mucosa. So I recommend adding it to your daily food intake to treat your hoarse voice.”
One year later, the client informed me, he had been including yogurt in his diet and that his hoarse voice had in fact recovered. He stated,” I eat yogurt everyday now and agree it helps the voice.Thank you so much!” I said, “Yes, this is the power of yogurt!”

I’ve have treated so many patients who have been diagnosed with vocal chord atrophy or sulcus vocalis, and approximately 80% of them have recovered.
Vocal cord atrophy is commonly believed not to heal naturally by many in the field of medicine. As stated above 80% of the clients who applied my healing techniques did in fact recover from vocal chord atrophy.
Why did I recommend him yogurt?
Because yogurt is a good source of Vitamin A and B2, it strengthens the  mucosa.The vocal chord is composed of 2 layers,which are the mucosa and muscle.(Actually 5 layers if further classified)
Although it is still not known what causes vocal chord atrophy.
If the vocal chord atrophies, the glottis opens, the breath leaks and creates a hoarse voice. This does not mean you lose your voice, the voice is just constantly hoarse and hard to hear.
It’s not good for holding long conversations, and it also makes it hard to vocalize in high registers.
Yogurt truly does affect the mucosa, that’s why. But, if the tissue is reconstructed, the hoarse voice will and can recover.
In this case, I was not sure whether adding the yogurt to the daily diet or my applied massage techniques healed the vocal chord atrophy, so I do recommend trying both.
Bowl with yoghurt
Note:This diagram features vocal chord atrophy and poor blood flow in the superior laryngeal artery. Furthermore, regarding the start of symptoms, I think that most of patients that suffer LDP(Larynx Deep Position) are more prone to suffering from vocal chord atrophy.
I’ve sketched this diagram about vocal chord atrophy.
Please note the edges of the vocal chords.