Tall and big body are thought that the voice is big!

Happy New Year! I’ll break the essence of voice this year! And look forward to your continued reading.
I had a simple experiment, and I asked two men to participate in my experiment. They are not professional vocalists, such as a singer or announcer, one of the men is tall and heavyset, another man is short and skinny.
I used measuring equipment which is sound level meter can measure the sound volume.
At first, I trained them to speak at levels of 60dB, which is the same level of general conversation.
Not being too concerned at this time about the quality of voice, I put the sound level meter 4 inches away from their mouths and made them talk at 60dB levels all the time.
They studied the book first and then started to learn how to control speaking at a steady level of 60dB.
If their voice was too loud or even too quiet, I pointed it out them immediately and instructed them to get back to 60dB again.I then asked them to prepare their self-introductions.
The experiment was then ready to begin.
I asked a friend to join the experiment, and play the role of an audience. The two men the proceeded to introduce themselves in the front of audience. Introductions did not take more than 2 minutes.
Then, I asked the two men to have a conversation like we had practiced at 60dB voice levels previously, with the audience observing, and the results recorded.

I then surveyed 4 people, “Which man did you hear more loudly?”
This is result:
A:Tall and big man…0
B:Short and skinny man…2
C:Same for both…2

Even though they delivered the same volume of voice, the tall man sounded lower…Why?
My guess is people assume that a larger man talks loud, and is just perceived to have a strong voice without reason.
Yes, this is a stereotype. But, the man is subconsciously aware of this stereotype and that has an effect on his sound delivery. This means that man who is tall or big, is more hesitant to speak… resulting in a quieter sounding voice.
Many people would assume a tall or big man speaks with a loud and low voice, and a short or skinny man speaks with a quiet and thin voice. Even if a short skinny man does not have quiet voice, people often tell him, ”your voice is so quiet” or ”it’s hard to hear you.” which initiates drive for him to speak louder.

As a solution to this issue, I recommend practicing speaking with a sound level-meter in your hands. Which in turn, will display and assist in making you more aware of controlling steady sound levels, and also help you learn voice level continuity.
If you do not have any vocal chord problems or suffer LDP, you can master and control these sound levels with little effort.
If you think a person’s voice is too quiet or too loud, I want to say, please do not judge or confuse the quality and volume of voice with certain body types- “Develop your listening”
This is very important for anyone who is interested in the field of voice or sound.
Note1:When the 4 people surveyed were blindfolded and listened to the recorded voices, both men unanimously sounded the same in volume.