A good voice may overwhelm good singing techniques!

“Their voice sounds good”
“They are good at singing”

Which statement is easier to evaluate?
I will solve this question, by using a professional singer and an audience as test subjects.
I asked a good singer who can control his voice well, to perform the following techniques listed below.
(1)Perform good/appealing vocal sounds… using loud voice volume, but with off and unappealing tones while singing.
(2)Perform bad/unappealing vocal sounds… using a quiet voice volume, but with accurate appealing tones while singing.
I used the same music for both performances.
I let the test audience observe and listen, then asked them, “Which performance was more attractive?”
70% of them choose (1) the first performance.
By the way,”Paul Potts” or “Susan Boyle” who had their debuts from a talent show competition TV program,they are known to be valued and recognized by having powerful loud voice volumes rather than good/accurate singing tones.
As I said before, people are sometimes skewed by the impression of a voice, very similar to an impression of a person’s personality.
Therefore, even if you are not skilled at singing, many times an audience will often admire character and a visual traits/impressions and want to support your erformance. A good impression of character can be associated with having a good voice. Though this judgement is little off and incorrect.
Vice versa, if do you have a good voice, people may think you are just using effects and techniques to make your singing sound better. Good singers are often perceived as sounding like they are are making too much of an effort, or are somewhat boring – making it nearly impossible to give them credit or make a good impression.
You know that a listener can be very closed minded and also kind of self-fish in the judgements.
Of course, if you have both a good vice and are also skillful at singing, that is excellent….
Which kind of voice do you have?
Be mindful, The first impression of a voice is very important!

Music Girl