Chewing gum eases voice tremors?

A Vocal tremor is caused by trembling or shaking vocal cords.
Generally seen in an aging population, voice tremor causes the voice to take on a wavering, unsteady quality. People with vocal tremors may elect to have botulinum toxin injections, which lessens the amount of tremors by causing the vocal cord muscles to weaken. Because botulinum toxin can display the side effect of a quiet voice as it reduces the tremors, most people prefer not to have injections. An alternative treatment is voice therapy, which has also shown high success rates in decreasing tremors while helping to speak stronger and more clearly. Training often in breathing and focused muscle control. A vocal tremor diagnosis can typically be made, simply by listening carefully to a person’s voice. Recently conducting a trial, I asked a small group of people who had been diagnosed as having an essential voice tremor, to chew gum.
Yes, chewing gum!
When the test subjects chewed the gum (simultaneously), they showed decreased signs of their trembling voices and displayed clearer speaking abilities.
I tested so many cases, as a result, I’m getting much closer to figuring out : How to heal a voice tremor?
More tests will be conducted in regards to proper timing, breathing continuity, and also the correct way to chew gum. Which, in turn I believe, are all necessary steps surrounding this training technique – ultimately leading to understanding and healing voice tremors.

I will investigate this further, and plan to update ‘here’ when I get more definitive results.

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Shigeki Aida