The mystery of the superior laryngeal artery…

The vocal cord is composed of muscle and mucosa, which needs energy and oxygen to create movement. Blood flow circulates, and delivers this oxygen and energy.
The superior laryngeal artery distributes the blood to these muscles, as well as the mucous membranes, and the glands of the larynx.
The blood flow process is as follows:(※)The blood is first sent from the superior laryngeal artery, moving through the larynx, then passing through a small hole in the thyrohyoid membrane(interosseous membrane), which is located between the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage.
Though being proficient in anatomy, it was difficult identifying and grasping this process. So I created a diagram, displaying the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage, tracking the blood through the vessels.
①:Carotid artery
②:External carotid artery branching from ①
③:Superior laryngeal artery
④:Superior thyroid artery
⑤:Inferior thyroid artery


Blood circulation is important because hormones are secreted from the thyroid gland and sent through the blood to be distributed throughout the body. The thyroid gland is an important endocrine gland, regulating metabolism in every cell in our body.
It’s undeniable not to neglect the blood flow in the larynx, through having good blood circulation.
Arteries only carry blood, and the windpipe and bronchial tubes only carry air.
Which is the best rate of blood flow from the superior laryngeal artery?
A:5~7.5㎜/S  B:1~2㎝/S  C:5~7.5㎝/S  D:1~2m/S

The answer is at the bottom of the page.

Note1:Three vessels come and go in the thyroid foramen: The superior laryngeal artery, the superior laryngeal vein and the superior laryngeal nerve.

Note2:(※)There is also the inferior laryngeal artery, which branches from the inferior thyroid artery in the larynx. Even if the supplied blood flow is weak coming from the superior laryngeal artery, the blood flow is balanced by the inferior laryngeal artery. But if you want to have a great voice or good singing, you need the both blood vessels to work well, because good blood flow is necessary to produce and improve your voice.

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