The true position of the tongue root

Did you know the tongue root is probably located in different place than you think?
Most people think the tongue root is located in the back of the mouth on the rear section of the tongue, but actually, “the root” attaches in the mental spine of the mandible.
(The green circle in the following picture)


The tongue’s starting point is at the mental spine, then circling around to the upper section is the tip of the tongue.
So, the tongue’s tip is elevated in the air and not the actual root of the tongue.
Furthermore, the part of the muscle tendon junction (the highlighted white section in the green circle of the picture) when especially hard, makes it more difficult to speak smoothly.
If you do not consider training in vocalization, regarding this fact, you cannot improve in speaking words smoothly.
Now, it’s time to learn the mechanisms of vocalization for vocalizing correctly.
It is impossible to sing fluently with a hardened tongue root.
Please get flexible with your tongue root.
For improving flexibility, I recommend you receive sonic irradiation at 1MHz and gently massage the suprahyoid muscles.
Speak smoother and more freely!