Larynx Deep Position = High Larynx

I will now describe useful information regarding, larynx deep positioning, in the following picture. If I do not elaborate enough, just imagine and refer to the picture. Though you should definitely be able to understand and see what the status is, when feeling choking or strangulation.
Please see the differences, to compare and contrast, between the following two pictures.
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Note1:The above picture mentions the status of a “High Larynx.” Please examine and compare to your own larynx. Since I’ve seen a lot of larynges, I’ve figured out when “Deep position” exists, combined with a High Larynx.

Note2: Observe the three muscles which are the, “Digastric muscle”, “Stylohyoid muscle” and “Stylopharyngeus muscle.” These combined, are the supportive proof that “Larynx Deep Position = High Larynx.” I believe that swallowing and eating are also relevant to Larynx Deep Positioning. When you are singing, if a vocal coach points out that, “your larynx is in a high position,” you should care about eating habits as well. Actually, there are some eating habits that can improve your vocalization significantly. Breathing, swallowing, and eating are equally contributing factors.