Pros and Cons Part 6: Sex

Many people have opposing opinions about how sex relates and can influence an individual’s vocalization.
I’ll scientifically and unilaterally explain this.
I have 22 categories that influence breathing and vocalization. Let’s try to figure out who is right.(6)
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Part 6 is “Sex”
There are two things that are essential to a human’s life cycle, they are: sustaining life and producing offspring.
The act of living, or sustaining life refers to the humans body’s natural need to survive and thrive. Such as breathing, eating, sleeping, and producing offspring. Reproducing is vital, of course, to keep the human species going and populate our planet. Humans are not able to use the process of parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occur without fertilization. Plants, arachnids, and some reptiles have the ability to reproduce without reproductive behaviors. Humans must perform reproductive behavior to reproduce. We refer to this as “sex” or “sexual intercourse.” Humans perform the behavior of sex for two reasons, reproduction and pleasure.
I will discuss the act of this behavior, not the science of reproduction. Primarily focusing on how sex can effect health and vocalization. This content is intended to be a serious informative discussion about sex.
There are two factors of sex that relate to and also influence, health and vocalization.
The first one is movement. The second one is the sexual hormones involved. I will begin with talking about the action of the movements involved with sex.
On average, sex can consume up to 300K calories per hour. Of course, the value can vary in men and women. These variables fluctuate, depending on the amount of energy and time is invested in the act.
The 300K calories is roughly equal to eating one whole cake, half an hour of jogging, or one hour of walking. Sexual intercourse is often classified as a moderate workout. Due to the activity of exercising the muscles involved. Steady, heavy, or rhythmic breathing during sex, combined with vocalization, can also be compared to and shows similarities to vocal exercises.
There are no problems with singing after this kind of moderate to significant exercise, and I can say that normal/average sex does not affect the voice in terms of sports.
The second factor we will discuss is sexual hormones, and the muscles involved.
The act of sex increases the release of testosterone or estrogen and progesterone.
Testosterone (a male hormone) effects the growth of muscle mass and strength. The vocal cord is made up of muscle and mucosa. Can having more muscle mass improve the voice? We discussed previously that increased size in muscle mass effects only ability, not performance.
If there is a gain in muscle mass in the vocal cord, it will increase in weight. Which could result in less control in the sounds produced, make the voice sound lower in tone, or obstruct the vibrations of the vocal cord.
The muscle’s movements and kinematic performance are significantly more important in the production of a good voice rather than the size of the muscles used.
The glottis is opened and closed by the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle, the lateral cricoarytenoid muscle, the transverse arytenoid muscle, the oblique arytenoid muscle and the thyroarytenoid muscle. The vocal cord is elongated by the cricothyroid muscle.
Therefore, if the health and condition of these muscles are improved with movement (general use or exercise), vocalization quality will also improve.
Estrogen (a female hormone) is secreted by the mature follicle from the ovaries. Estrogen is relevant to pregnancy, and estrogen is important when relating to the voice.
It is known that reduced secretion causes swelling, and swelling also occurs on the vocal cords too.
If the vocal cord swells, it causes the voice to become hoarse and lower in tone.
Therefore, in women, sexual hormones can directly and significantly affect the voice.
However, it’s still not clear whether sex can increase, decrease, balance or offset the secretion of the female hormone estrogen. Mainly because results from scientific studies vary from each individual.
One male opera singer claims that, “If you have sex a few minutes before a concert, your voice will sound better.”
Contrasting, other singers have stated, “if you abstain from sex, your senses are finely honed and its possible to produce a more attractive voice.”
Sexual activity is an important and relevant activity to human life and appears to impact on the mental, physical and social health as well as the quality of life of the individual.

Considering that sexual activity may be one of the most regularly practiced activities throughout an individual’s lifetime, it is important to inform and discuss this topic.
These opinions, reflect the pros and cons relating to sex and vocalization.