Pros and Cons Part 11: Plane

Many people have opposing opinions about how flying on a plane can relate to and influence an individual’s vocalization.
I’ll scientifically and unilaterally explain this.
I have 22 categories that influence breathing and vocalization. Let’s try to figure out who is right.(11)

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Part 11 is “Plane”
Do you have problems with your voice after flying on a plane? You might be surprised by these facts, but I’ve faced this issue before.
When I had a trip to Indonesia, the plane lowered its altitude in preparation for landing,and my friend suddenly shouted, “my ear hurts!” It seemed he was having intense ear pain.
He instantly used nasal drops, swallowed hard a few times while pinching his nose, and the ear pain faded away.
After the plain landed at the airport, when he spoke, I noticed that his voice was different than usual. Although, he, himself did not notice. Shortly after the return flight we went to see a doctor, who diagnosed with him as having aerotitis. Aerotitus is a condition, when painful sensations in the ears occur during a flight and are usually caused by the changes in air pressure inside the cabin of the airplane. There is an air pocket located inside the middle ear, and it expands when the plane takes off or lands which leads to the stretching of the eardrum. Flying on a plane can be more comfortable, and problems with this issue can be avoided by utilizing certain methods. Such as wearing ear plugs, chewing gum and/or taking decongestants before and after the flight. Decongestants are very effective, because it shrinks the swollen membranes in the sinus and the ear.
It is rare for the condition of aerotitus to cause problems with vocalization. In this case, his voice sounded muffled and was directly affected, because air was not passing through the ears normally.
The vocal cords can easily get swollen during a flight, due to low pressure. Long plane rides are known to be very dry, (lacking moisture in the cabin) which can can dry out the mouth and throat, both effecting the voice. So, it is important to drink plenty of fluids when flying.
If you have a concert overseas, or plan to sing after flying, please refrain from vocalizing soon after the plane lands.
Of course, experiencing these issues varies, and depends on the individual.
These are the pros and cons about how vocalization can be affected, and issues relating to the voice when flying on a plane.

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