Pros and Cons Part 14: Tie

Many people have opposing opinions about how wearing a tie can relate to and influence an individual’s vocalization.
I’ll scientifically and unilaterally explain this.
I have 22 categories that influence breathing and vocalization. Let’s try to figure out who is right.(14)

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Part 14 is “Tie”
I’ve recently done some tests and spoken with singers whom have helped me discover some facts I would like to share with you about wearing a tie when vocalizing.
I’ve met so many people who say, that they feel choked and restrained when wearing a tie. Also claiming that they feel it is more difficult to let out their voice while wearing a tie, and because of this reason they do not prefer to wear one. I have done some tests to try and figure out what is causing these issues, and hope my findings can help make it more comfortable for those of you who must wear ties.
I asked several people who do not like to wear a tie to cooperate with me, and I took a detailed look at each individuals situation.
I found one underlying fact that has raised this new hypothesis.
The size of the shirt around the neck being too tight was the most common issue causing this restricted feeling. The tightness of the collar, when buttoned, was pressing the front of the larynx. It was the neck and collar of the shirt which was creating this choking and restrained issue, not the tie.
When fitting for a shirt, make sure it is not too tight around your neck by performing this simple test. Put your two fingers (pointer and middle) between your neck and the shirt after fastening the top button. If both fingers have the space to fit, then you will have sufficient room between your throat and the shirt to breathe and vocalize comfortably.
Many people do not like wearing a tie in a business or formal atmosphere, but still wear tight collared dress shirts. Even when not wearing a tie, having a slightly tight collar still produces a feeling of choking or tightness around the throat and neck area.
I also initially thought that the tie was the root of the problem, but I am confidently concluding that is is indeed the tightness of the shirt causing the issue. Please wear a properly fitted shirt and tie. Doing so, will prevent a stiff neck, cervical neck pain, restricted vocalization, and alleviate the tightness and choking feeling surrounding the middle and lower portion of the outer throat.
These are not the pros and cons about how wearing a tie can affect vocalization. Just information that reflects issues often overlooked by many people, who like myself, felt restrained at times when vocalizing while wearing a tie.