Good drink for the voice:Part2 Cold Drinks

I will now review how the voice relates to specific kinds of drinks, in a series.
This is part 2: “Cold Drinks”.


I find the summers here are too hot, everybody prefers cold drinks during this season. The throat get chilled, if you have a cold drink before singing.
The kinematic performance can become worse though, if the related muscle gets cold “too rapidly.” This is because vocalization is generated by muscles, including the vocal cord.
If a soccer or baseball player takes an icy shower before playing, they shiver, their muscles contract and they cannot move very well. This is the same concept, when relating to muscles used in vocalization.
Please be careful when having a cold drink before or during a concert, or when recording in the studio. Temperature should be cold, but not freezing.
However, guidance on this issue is only for singing, you do not need to worry about having a cold drink for reasons other than this.
The next subject is “Hot Water”.
Please don’t miss it!