Good drinks for the voice:Part3 Hot Drinks

I will now review how the voice relates to specific kinds of drinks, in a series.
This is part 3: “Hot Drinks”.

winter beverage guy

I have said before that if you heat your throat too much, soon before singing, the muscles become flabby and you cannot sing normally.
This is basically the same concept but with different circumstances.
When warming the skin directly it is easy to become warm, but when warming the muscles located deep under the skin the effect is not as immediate or direct. When warming the larynx muscles, which are relevant to vocalization, the heat condition is less. Therefore, I think that hot drinks do not make problems or have a negative affect with vocalizing.
I believe that a hot drink is better than a cold drink on the throat and its muscles, because moderately warming relaxes the muscles. This warming and relaxing effect, such as hot drinks or a warm compress, makes the muscle’s ability to move “better.”
But, you have to watch and consider one condition.
You should avoid drinking a drink that is too hot which could burn you. Also, please do not drink hot drinks excessively, if you have a throat which is easy to get thirsty or dry.
Humans have four vocal cords, although only 2 are active and used to produce sound. These vocal cords must stay moist with fluid. Vocal cords usually have a high water content. If a vocal cord gets dry it is not able to vibrate properly, causing the voice to sound hoarse and making it impossible to let out high-pitched sounds.
Furthermore, drying causes the fluid in the throat and around the vocal cord to become thicker in consistency. This thick liquid is referred to as, ‘sputum.’ This sputum could lead to a cough.
You need to be careful if your throat is dry often, because it impairs blood circulation between the extrinsic muscles and the instrinsic muscles.