Good drinks for the voice: Part4 The facts of Soda

Sodas are a good beverage choice for refreshment. I think a lot of people prefer to drink soda when singing Karaoke.
After much research I have figured out how soda affects the voice.
I have said before, that drinking liquids does not impact the vocal cord directly. Sodas contains one thing that other drinks do not, and that is ‘carbonation.’
Soda enters the body through the mouth, travels through the esophagus, and finally isolates the carbon dioxide in the stomach.
The carbon dioxide comes back out of the mouth from the stomach, through the esophagus, and makes a burp.
I’ve investigated before how to move the throat when people have to burp.
Generally when swallowing, they move the thyroid cartilage up, and any food then transfers to the stomach by using the epiglottis. Meanwhile when burping, most people expel out the air from the stomach by moving the thyroid cartilage down.
In some cases (not often) people never move the thyroid cartilage when burping.
If the thyroid cartilage is moved down, it causes the Sternohyoid muscle and the Sternothyroid muscle to contract and obstructs movement of the cricothyroid muscle.
When I say ‘obstructs,’ I mean that it is hard to let out a high-pitched sound or loud voice.
If you burp so much before singing, it causes an adverse effect on singing.
Please try to sing with burping. Then you can know and feel, that it is difficult to let out a high-pitched voice.
In addition, if you sing with burping, you may have to train harder. This is because the air has to come out from the trachea and the esophagus at the same time.


Note:The conclusion is as follows:
1.You should refrain from drinking soda soon before singing.
2.You should not cool down or freeze the soda too much before drinking it.
3.You should try purchase soda which has a lowered or weakened carbonic acid content.
4:Be careful about burping if you have cardioesophageal relaxation or reflux esophagitis.