Good drinks for the voice:Part5 Milk

I will now review how the voice relates to specific kinds of drinks, in a series.
This is part 5: “Milk”.


Most people have experienced the feeling of having sputum in the back of their throat, when and after drinking milk.
This is because coagulation is made by the casein of milk and the saliva in the mouth, by means of a chemical reaction. Casein is a protein in milk.
I don’t believe that the coagulation comes from the piriform recess, by means of sticking to the vocal cord and obstructing the vocal cord from vibrating. However, it might cause an adverse effect on vocalizing, somewhat, because the coagulation is made in the mouth.
Opera singers and vocalists who are required to sing delicately, especially don’t prefer to have milk soon before singing.
Try this test: Drink milk and then rinse your mouth out with water. If you still feel some coagulation in your mouth even after rinsing, you should definitely refrain from drinking milk before singing.


The above mark is place, which is easy to stick the coagulation of milk(near the pharyngeal wall).

Note:Other dairy products have the same affects on vocalization, such as a yogurt.