Good drinks for the voice:Part8 Alcohol

I will now review how the voice relates to specific kinds of drinks, in a series.
This is part 8: “Alcohol”.
Drinking alcohol is really enjoyable when drank with dinner or at parties.
I have one question: Does your voice gets better if you drink alcohol?
The answer is yes, if it’s little bit, but no, if it’s too much.
The alcohol causes body temperatures to rise and creates good blood to flow.
Therefore, the performance of movement gets better on your vocal cord when you have an alcohol beverage. This is because the act of vocalization is a muscle movement. However, if you drink too much alcohol, the muscles will relax and the performance of movement will suffer. This will also cause the sound emitted to be out of pitch and tempo.
Furthermore, the air from the lungs and your breath will be effected by alcohol as well. Which will dry out the vocal cord and the mucosa.
That’s why, you usually feel more thirsty when you drink alcohol.
Finally, you get a hoarse voice because the vocal cord does not close properly due to alcohol.
If you get this problem, it will become harder to sing a song.
Next, I’ll mention what kind of alcohol affects the voice most.
Ive drank many kinds of alcohol with my friends before, such as beer, champagne, cocktails, wine, sake, whiskey, gin and vodka.
Alcohol refers to the beverage containing the ingredient ethyl alcohol. The only differences are the method of production, flavors added and the total alcohol content percentage.
However, if the drink has carbonation in it, it may make you burp. I don’t want to recommend you to drink alcohol containing high amounts of carbonation before vocalizing.
Furthermore, if you drink the higher-proof alcohol, you will feel a burning in your throat. For this reason, I recommend you to drink the alcohol with or followed by water. If you do not mix or follow with water, you will get a hoarse voice more easily.
Please drink alcohol moderately.