Sit-ups for the voice?

I got the following question from an elite voice adviser:
“I do abdominal training and workout everyday, does this daily hardening of the muscles around the throat have an adverse effect on the voice?”
The answer is: No
Because, the muscles that are moving located in your neck are different from the muscles used for vocalizing.
If you do abdominal training, lying on your back, it will tone the sternocleidomastoid muscle. The muscles surrounding the neck will harden when you go from down to up in your workout, but the muscles of the throat will never harden.
Please rest assured that you won’t get any problems with your voice through muscle training.


Note1:When you are training and you push yourself upright, you are using the genioglossus muscle. This muscle is located close to the breastbone. I’ve discovered that the sternohyoid muscle compresses during this movement.
It is unsure whether this affects the muscles of the throat and voice. I’ll keep investigating.

Note2:Some vocal coaches say, “if you do sit-ups only by lifting your head, you can increase the strength of the cricothyroid muscles.” However, this is not true. Because, the thyroid cartilage and the cricoid cartilage are lifted and floating in the air. During this action, the cricothyroid muscle does not move, even though you are moving the head and neck up and down while doing the sit-ups.
Note3:I have only examined one person who got vocal problems after doing too strenuous of a workout before. After investigating this rare case, I figured out that the sternohyoid muscle and the neighboring muscles of larynx were very hard. I also observed abnormal hardening of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This patient could not let out his voice due to this hardening. I asked him how did his workout. He explained he did his training while screaming. I am guessing this screaming was to boost adrenaline and create the effect of strength, to assist him in pushing harder.
He strained the muscles of the throat while training and in turn had caused, hypertonic vocalization.

Please be aware of these issues if you plan on doing an extreme workout.