Take a good bath (benefits of the bath for the voice)

I think that many people often feel good singing when they sing in the bath.
I’ve investigated and surveyed this.
First of all, the most important thing people want to know is their singing is truly good or not.
I don’t think that a miracle happens if you sing when taking a bath, because of the steam, sound or privacy there. Although, the quality of the singing is absolutely needed to have skillful techniques.
I am positive that it is easier to hear the voice when in the bath.
I provide the reason below.
(1) Space
Generally the bathroom is tight enclosed space, and usually has no large masses of stuff to absorb the sound. Which in turn makes is easier to be to create a strong echo in the room. Furthermore, the echoed voice can reach your ear faster than in a normal room. This condensed space also makes the voice sound louder and more clear.
The mucosa of vocal cord is wet in the bathroom, because of the plentiful moisture in the air from the steam. The larynx can get a lot of moisture as well and improve when vibrating.
Even if you have a hoarse voice, you can let out clear voice because the edge of vocal cord fits together more easily.
The temperature of the hot water is usually on average, about 100 or 104 degrees in the bath. This high temperature produces good blood circulation and has a positive effect on the larynx.
It can improve the kinematic performance, but be aware of the following things:
(4) Please don’t be neck-deep in the hot water, when singing in the bathtub.
This heats your throat directly. Possibly loosening the muscles too much will degrade the performance of the muscles.
(5) If you get in the hot water suddenly with a cold body, it will make your blood pressure go up drastically fast. Try to get the body warm in advance, that way you can adjust to the temperature with ease.
(6)Water pressure
You may get and feel a slight pressure in the abdominal and chest area from the hot water when you get in the bath. This pressure affects your breathing, and does have a favorable effect for the voice when singing.
However, the degree of this varies with each individual.
You have time to relax in the bathtub. This relaxing will regulate breathing and relieve your stress in the muscles around throat.
In conclusion, utilizing these tips for singing in the bath can and will make you sing and sound better.

Cheerful young woman singing in a bubble bath