The latest information about swallowing and eating

I’ll report the most important thing about the external laryngeal muscle, which is in regards to swallowing and eating.
It is a fact that, ‘you cannot swallow food when the mouth is open.’
This means that the epiglottis does not move properly and the food remains in the piriform recess.
Follow these steps to improve your swallowing.
(1)As preparation, stretch and massage the digastric muscle and the stylohyoid muscle gently.
(2)Open the mouth slowly, pulling the hyoid bone precisely.
(3)Move the epiglottis to the right position.
(4)Close the mouth and try to swallow again.

It is better to swallow before stretching of the vocal muscles.
“(1)” Is the most important, because this step improves the movement of muscles for swallowing.

illustration of male head showing skeleton