Get an attractive voice!

What kind of voice do you want… such as an attractive voice, bright voice or alluring voice?
Actually, we tend to judge an image of a person by the voice rather than by what they say.
First, we have to analyze and know the characteristics about our voice.
The voice usually has inherent characteristics, such as the shape of thyroid cartilage, vocal folds and hyoid bone.
You can change the these shapes. Mainly the size, thickness and length.
For example, the ukulele sounds different than the acoustic guitar. The materials are the same to produce sound, but their size are completely different from each other.
Vocalization is similar to sports. The voice is made by moving muscles, which includes the vocal cords, so you can make your voice better or worse depending on those moving muscles.
When comparing vocalization to sports, flexibility and muscular power are vital.
I know that Japanese people do not have good flexibility on their throats, since I investigated and am also Japanese.
Of course this is not a disease or deformity, just an extra strain on the throat when singing.
For many Japanese people it is hard to let out their voice as much as they desire.
When you do not speak so often the muscles of the throat are really relaxed, then when you do vocalize you end up straining the muscles of the throat right away.
Conversely, some people already have flexible muscles on their throats innately.
These people find it easy to let out their voice, because they can move the muscles of the throat actively – and this is inherent.
People with inherent flexibility have a good voice, and can let out a good voice without even thinking.
There are so many different preferences about what an attractive voice is. Keep in mind that the absolute best voice does not exist.
I’ve fount out that favorite voice preferences are different from person to person. Deciding your preference depends on what you are seeking. The main purpose of vocalization is communication. I’ve also investigated what kind of voice is preferred depending on the gender.
I have found favorite voice qualities are different when I surveyed the opposite sex and the same sex.
When a woman likes a woman’s voice=>Carrying voice, Clear voice.
When a man likes a woman’s voice=>Silky voice, cute voice.
When a man likes a man’s voice=>Strong voice, echoing voice.
When a woman likes a man’s voice=>Deep voice, low voice

When singing, most people like clear high-pitched voices.
Women seek clarity and softness in other women’s voices. Women seek masculinity in a man’s voice. Whereas, men seek superiority and strength in other men’s voices. Men generally seek softness and femininity in a woman’s voice. These are the findings presently from the ‘Voice Preference Survey’ per the above results.

Teenage girl standing with mouth open