Training for the cricothyroid muscle using a rubber tube

The cricothyroid muscle is essential to let out a high pitcheed voice.
I’ll introduce training the cricothyroid muscle using a rubber tube, which also known as a resistance band.
But, this training is only for the pendent moiety of the cricothyroid muscle.
First, please prepare the rubber tube for exercise. The length should be 4 or 8 inches. Grab both ends of the tube while keeping it parallel to your body. Then, put it in between the cricoid cartilage and the thyroid cartilage, and create light resistance on the tube. Please do not press the throat strongly at this time.
The following figure shows how to do this training. (This model is bigger than actual size)
Please repeat over and over again, without vocalizing. This means, only using standard breathing.
At this time, imagine making the shape of your mouth like an “e” and the shape of your lip look like an “a”.
The reason why you should not let out your voice, is because the rubber tube will probably press your throat and cannot bend the cricothyroid articulation. If you try to let out the voice with this status, the vocal cord strains and makes the voice sound harsh.
Please try to crush the rubber tube when you are doing this exercise.
I’ll explain on the following figure.
1:Low pitch without the voice.
2:High pitch without the voice. You can see that the cricothyroid articulation is bending, and getting close between the cricoid cartilage and the thyroid cartilage.
The yellow circle is the rubber tube and the red circle is the pendant moiety of the cricothyroid muscle.
1:Low pitch
2:High pitch
You can do 10 reps or 1000 reps depending on your condition.
The final outcome varies and depends on the individual. But if you train everyday, your cricothyroid muscle is pumping up, and it will get easier to let out a high pitched-voice.
The rubber tube should not be too thick or too thin, because it cannot press properly, and does not work well for this type of training.
In conclusion, this training is only for improving the high-pitched voice, and is not necessary to get an attractive voice. To get an attractive voice you need satisfy more aspects, which are the pharyngeal cavity, abdominal breathing, singing talent, and vocal cords mucosa. in order to make an attractive voice.