The truth about breathing techniques

I often hear, that if you can master abdominal breathing, you will be better at singing.
When it comes to breathing there are two kinds, abdominal breathing and costal breathing. Abdominal breathing moves the abdominal muscles and contracts the diaphragm. Whereas, costal breathing (chest breathing) uses the intercostals (the muscles surrounding the ribs) for breathing.
However, it is a fact that abdominal breathing also uses slight movements of the intercostals. Abdominal breathing is marked by expansion of the abdomen rather than the chest when breathing. It is considered by some to be a healthier way to breathe.
The air when breathing in both instances, the air never comes into the belly. It only enters and exits through the lungs.
“Put air into the belly,” is okay when used only as an expression. It is not actually a true fact that that is what is ocurring.
The diaphragm also always moves during costal breathing.
The diaphragm is the main muscle of respiration, playing a very important role in exhalation or inhalation, which is known as the breathing process. Every breath uses the diaphragm.
Therefore, costal breathing contrasts with abdominal breathing, and we as humans generally utilize both breathing techniques.
If your abdominal muscles cannot move well, then you are not good at abdominal breathing. If your costovertebral joints cannot move well, then you are not good at costal breathing. These variances decide if you use shallow or deep breathing more.
In conclusion, focusing on only abdominal breathing, will not make you better at singing. Both abdominal breathing and taking breaths properly will make you better at singing. The best and most talented singers have the ability to control their breaths, and use mixed breathing techniques when singing.

Magnetic resonance
The MRI scans of chest and belly.