The lips of Jose Carreras

Jose Carreras is one of the The Three Tenors.
Although his body is not so big, he always lets out a really powerful voice.
His voice is attractive, really expressive, and he is classified as a great singer.
Even though he was a good singer when he was young, sadly in his older age, his voice sounds less vibrant after recovering from leukemia.
I’ve found out one feature which attributed to his great voice, and that is the lips.

The following figure is Jose Carreras’s mouth.e01

Some characteristics are his lip sticks out and there is a space between the teeth and the gums. He also uses many facial muscles, besides the muscles used to move his lips.
For moving the lips, we use the levator labii superioris, the levator anguli oris, the zygomatic muscles, risorius, depressor labii inferioris muscles, the depressor anguli oris muscle, mentails, the orbicularis oris muscle and the buccinator muscle.
In the case of Carreras, he additionally moves the suprahyoid muscles, the depressor septi nasi muscle, the nasalis muscle, the procerus muscle and the corrugator supercilii muscle – all at the same time.
When I reviewed his face on TV when singing (in his younger years), I could see that many extra facial muscles were being utilized. His nose and eyebrows were always in motion in cooridination with his vocals as well as his lips, which I believe greatly influenced his powerful and distinctive voice.
While I hope you found these details informative, know it is difficult to mirror the exact same movements as Jose Carreras. We can study and learn the processes as well as the muscles being used by him, and try to apply those methods to our own style when singing.
I plan to introduce other important features surrounding his voice sometime soon.