The throat of Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle first appeared as a contestant on the reality TV show, ‘Britain’s got talent.’ (Susan’s audition clip is available online for viewing) She is an older woman who came on the stage completely admitting to being an amateur singer with no prior voice lessons. Immediately judged based on her appearance and age instead of her dreams and aspirations, was a mistake made by the shows’ judges. Her amazingly beautiful voice shocked and stunned the audience and the judges. Following the show’s debut, she came onto the music scene from outta nowhere and became an international success. She has released four albums. Although her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream (2009), instantly became the UK’s best-selling debut album of all time. Her story is an inspirational one that gives many singers hope who are insecure about their age or appearance.
I’ll now outline her voice characteristics.
Although her neck appears larger than an average woman and she possesses a double-chin, this means only that the size of the space to produce sound is larger in diameter but not fat or thick.However, this condition is masked by her good pharyngeal cavity. This advantage is what helps her display her powerful and clear voice.
She has a big pharyngeal cavity, inherently, and it can move freely. She utilizes and has good control of the pharyngeal cavity very well when she is singing.
I observed that the fluctuating sounds which are caused by the vocal cord do not move equally.
Therefore, her larynx is not so different when compared to professional singers. I also believe her singing techniques and vocal abilities have not yet fully matured. From what I have observed her vocalization as well as her singing techniques will grow in strength and style well into the future.
If you have a chance to hear or view her singing, please observe the condition of her neck. Focus on the area closest to under the chin when she is vocalizing.
You probably see that part of the chin expands when she lets out her voice intensely. She is aware about the movement of the lips when vocalizing as well as the temporomandibular joint.
She also has flexibility around the muscles of the larynx.
Although I’ve also figured out the movements of her tongue. I would rather not comment on that, because I believe it is too personal of a reference.
These results were all based on reviewing her sound clips and recorded performances.