Are heavier people naturally better singers ?

I sometimes hear that, “heavy people are better at singing,” which is a stereotype. It’s not true that they are good at singing because they are heavier. Although it is true that heavyset people are noticeably good at singing, because they have a larger resonance chamber thus being more able to let out a stronger and louder voice.
The pharyngeal cavity is the most important resonance chamber in the body, and is located in the root of the neck.
The resonance chamber can be compared to the sound hole of an acoustic guitar, and needs enough space to make a good sound.
If the neck gets bigger, it will have a comparably larger and louder sound.
I have tested this theory before by surveying a group of 4 different groups of people with the following physical attributes, and will now discuss my findings.
1:Heavy people that have a thick neck.
2:Heavy people that have a thin neck.
3:Skinny people who have a thick neck.
4:Skinny people who have a thin neck.

After I heard their voices, I personally felt the best voices had the physical attributes of skinny people that had thick necks and the heavy people who possessed thin necks.
There is a scientific reason why not all heavy people have a good voice … I believe this is in connection to the thickness of the subcutaneous fat between the top of the hyoid bone and the laryngeal prominence. Because, when I measured the necks of the singers and compared statistics, I figured out that less thickness made the voice more resonant and more thickness made the voice less resonant.
Therefore, the thickness of the neck is actually relevant to voice, but subcutaneous fat is not a factor in its resonance quality.
Regardless of the body type, when the neck looks thick because of the thyroid cartilage and the hyoid bone are big this just means that they have flexibility around those muscles.
The size of the thyroid cartilage is proportional to the size of the neck, and if the thyroid cartilage is big, the neck looks big as well.
This information does not just apply only to heavy people, but many light people too also have big thyroid cartilage. The resonance chamber is controlled by muscles and soft tissues.
The conditions that need to be met to be able to make the resonance bigger, are flexibility of the middle constrictor and movement of the stylohyoid muscle.
I am researching now to confirm whether the downside of the hyoid bone attaches to the middle constrictor or not, and then I will focus on analyzing the movements of the stylohyoid muscle.
The stylohyoid ligament is sometimes fused to the stylohyoid muscle, and obstructs the stylohyoid ligament from being able to move freely.
If an individual can make the space bigger in the resonance chamber, then their ability in resonance sound and control would be positively effected – so keep doing vocal muscle exercises and you can get a great singing voice!

This is the stylohyoid ligament and the stylohyoid muscle.e02

This is the stylohyoid ligament and the relaxing stylohyoid muscle.

Note1:The people has a thin neck and a big thyroid cartilage whose muscles might be rigid because have to use neck muscles so hard to let out the voice. But if you get flexibility of muscle in the larynx,you can get great voice.


Note2:Do you know which woman produces a stronger louder voice in the above figure?
The answer is the woman on the right, because
the right woman has a thicker neck and a bigger resonance chamber.