A quick view of the anatomy of the larynx

If you want to investigate the larynx, please move the larynx by itself gently and palpate it in detail.
The mobility of the vocal cord and the larynx let you know how to much you can move the cricothyroid articulation and the course of a nerve, which vary considerably from person to person.
The following photo is when I was identifying the superior laryngeal artery in Laryngeal Functional Surgery, at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S.A.


The voice is not only to communicate, but it is also a way we as individuals express artistic and musical qualities. Hundreds of millions of varied styles and voices are made by different characteristics. These characteristics we possess within our vocal cords and resonance chambers are all controlled by muscles.
Please understand the characteristics your individual voice has, and focus on making the conditions the best they can be in your throat.
My wish is that people understand, enjoy and gain confidence in letting out their voice.