Part2: How to master abdominal breathing.

I often hear from vocalists, “I cannot do abdominal breathing well. Can you give me some tips on how to improve this?”
I have an effective method on how to be able to do abdominal breathing.
It’s simple, and you can expect to improve your abdominal breathing if you master this method.
First of all, many people think that abdominal is taking a breath in and expanding your belly.
That’s not completely wrong, because air does enter into the lungs through the nose and/or mouth.
However you should imagine taking the air from the ground, widely. When taking a breath in, try to picture pulling the air in from beneath your body.
When you breath out, you should imagine that you are returning the air from your abdominal area to ground.
This method is able to improve the movement of the diaphragm, by using pelvic floor. This is because the diaphragm is supported by the legs of the third lumbar vertebra.
Please try it.
The breath is the driving force for the voice.