Anti-aging voice care

Although there are always individual differences, the voice of all people usually changes with age.

Generally known, a woman’s voice is going to progress to become lower and a man’s is going to progress to be slightly higher when growing older.
The vocal cord muscle’s often show atrophy with age, little by little, for both men and women. A noticeable increase in moisturizing the vocal cords mucosa and a decline in the athletic performance of the vocal cords mucosa is also shown.
You can see the following 4 phenomenons associated with the voice when aging.
(1) Easier to get a hoarse voice
(2)Voice sounds cracked
(3)Voice sounds thick, due to ‘dysphonia plicae ventricularis’
(4) Easier to get dryness in throat
The female hormone is the factoring difference that defines the pitch between women and men’s voices.
Basically, if the vocal cord atrophies, the vocal cord itself increases in mass and in turn makes the vocal cord thin.
Therefore, men’s voices become higher with aging.
Women’s voices becomes lower with aging. Women’s vocal cords grow in mass due to a decrease in secretion of the female hormone, and can lead to edema. Edema is swelling caused by fluid retention. The excess fluid is first trapped in the body’s tissues, over time it builds up and causes the swelling.

I’ve treated a lot of aging voices.
I target improving blood circulation of the superior laryngeal artery, because it sends blood to the larynx.
When blood circulation decreases, oxygen and nutrition cannot be sent to the muscles, the voice sounds worse and many times at a faster rate.
The 5 causes for poor blood circulation are as follows:
(1)The superior laryngeal artery is compressed due to the muscle hypertonia.
(2) The space between the thyrohyoid bones becomes closer
(3)A decrease in blood pressure of the external carotid artery
(4)Thyroid gland disease
(5)Hardening of the mucosa tissues
You can keep a young voice while aging, if you stay aware of and take care of your voice before the senior years begin. Although, the best age for a man’s voice is before his 50’s and for a woman is before her 40’s.
I truly hope you can keep a great voice forever.