The shape of the hyoid bone

The hyoid bone is different with each person regarding thickness, shape, and the distance between the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage.
The shapes are classified in roughly 3 groups. They are as follows.
(1)U shape:Is the most popular shape. A lot of people have a ‘U shape’ hyoid bone.


(2)V shape:This is also a popular shape, especially in people that have a good voice. The majority of professional singers, have V shape hyoid bones. ‘V shape’ hyoid bones are mostly big and thick, and the distance is longer between the back of the hyoid bone. A larger space in the piriform recess or the pharynx is necessary to be able to make a great resonance chamber.


(3)O shape:I sometimes see this kind of shape but its not so popular. The’O shape’ hyoid bone makes the resonance chamber small. The middle constrictor is often strained with this shape, because the back of the hyoid bone is located behind the back of the thyroid cartilage.


If you analyze the hyoid bone, you can know what kind of sound it can produce as well as how to improve your voice, because the voice quality or voice tone is different depends on for every individual and is based on the shape of the hyoid bone.
Please find out what the shape of your hyoid bone is.

Note:Nobody has the same shape of hyoid bone. For example, the right side curves to the right but the left side is straight, and the thickness/density varies between right and left.