Don’t cry when singing, let the audience be emotionally moved by your singing!

I sometimes see people sing a song while crying.
In my opinion, it is okay if a person sings while crying in a karaoke bar just for fun. I do not advise in crying when singing at a concert. This is because the role of a professional singer is to let the audience listen to their singing and view it as a dedicated career or entertainment job performace.
It is acceptable for members of an audience to cry listening to a singer perform, but not a singer when singing.
Singing when crying is not good for vocalizing.
Vocalization production involves muscle movements and we use a lot of muscles and the sympathetic effect to move muscles around the larynx or diaphragm.
If you become too emotional when singing, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) becomes more active than the sympathetic nervous system, and that makes you cry.
The PNS can be thought of as the resting reflex part of the autonomic nervous system. Its role is to slow down the heart rate, that’s why, your muscles dull and relax. Hardened muscles get hard to control pitch and breathing.
You cannot let your voice out easily with this kind of condition.
Note:The cricothyroid muscle is controlled by the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve, and the diaphragm is controlled by the phrenic nerve.
Please strongly keep in mind that you have to make an impression on listeners by your voice when you sing.
Please don’t cry when singing, let the audience cry and be moved emotionally by your singing.

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