Training the diaphragm by laughing

Training the diaphragm by laughing
Laughing is one way of training the diaphragm.
I’ll introduce how to train the diaphragm with ‘laughing’ today.
First, make sure have the proper clothing. It is best to wear a shirt that is loose around throat and belly. Next, lie on your back and put towel under your neck to arch your cervical spine. Face looking above, and don’t put your chin down. Then, put your hands on the lowest rib bone you can feel.
Please laugh loudly as much as possible. You will feel the movements of the upper abdomen. See Photo 1.
If you extend the degree of volume and time which you are laughing, you can expect more effect.
You can also feel your belly moving when you laugh. While laughing please press your belly with both hands and try to push inward slightly using your hands by the diaphragm. Finally, make sure your your breathing while laughing is controlled and regulated. See Photo 2.
You can start 10 seconds per one and 10 reps first, getting to increase reps. The goal being to do 2 minutes in a row.
If you laugh while twisting the lower body like in photo 3, you can expect more effect. Please feel the diaphragm moving when you are laughing.
When you do this training with standing, (it is fine to switch between both floor position and standing positon) you have to hold the diaphragm’s position on the bottom and extend towards the front. This is just like standing using your hands  to assist in supporting your body from below.
You can improve the movement of the diaphragm with this exercise, and it will have a positive effect on your vocalization.
If you know how to control and move the diaphragm correctly with laughing, you can even control the diaphragm without laughing.
You can also train your abdominal muscles with laughing.
Please try it once.