Feeling a sticking in your throat due to LDP

There two underlying reasons, if you have LDP, to cause the feeling of choking your throat.
The first, being recognized as the throat making clicking sounds when swallowing (most often) water. The cause of this is that the thyroid cartilage is pressing the front of the cervical spine, which produces the click sound, but the bone does not touch the cartilage.
The second being seen, and felt like something is sticking in your throat is before or during coughing. Coughing excessively or really often is associated with LDP. This is because the thyroid cartilage gets in deep, and causes pressure to occur in the vagus nerves, in turn making you cough.
I recommend, if you feel a sticking feeling in your throat, that you have an examination of the (pharynx or vocal cord) intrinsic larynx and the (bronchi or lungs) respiratory system. Have these areas checked in the early stages, when you first feel a sticking in your throat throat that wont go away. If there is no visible or diagnosable cause through your medical doctor, this more than likely is caused by LDP. LDP is often overlooked by many medical doctors. LDP is a habit of muscles, not a medical disease. I wish to make you aware of LDP and hope you fix the issue without any further delay which could result in more strain, pain, discomfort or stress.


Note:The symptoms are as follows in the case of LDP:
-Problems with high-pitched tones (the movement of the cricothyroid articulation becomes sluggish)
-Dry throat (poor blood flow in the superior laryngeal artery)
-Loosing resonance and volume projection of thevoice (Narrows the pharyngeal cavity).
-Not able to speak smoothly (suprahyoid muscles hardening)
-Losing or slipping when trying to hold/keep rhythm when singing (muscles harden and diminish the kinematic performance)