How to prevent from straining your muscles when singing

I’ll now introduce 3 tips on how to recognize and prevent straining of the throat and voice when singing.
1:When you let out a high-pitched voice, stand on tip toes lightly=> Keep your mind focused on standing firmly and you can easily relax the muscles around the larynx.
2:Try to just let out the sound but not so much the defined words of the lyrics=> The voice is sound, and these sounds are made by vibrating air. This tip will assist you in making your voice richer in the resonance chamber.
3:If you already recognize and physically feel like you are straining your throat when you sing, push air outward in your voice when you exhale with sound => This will prevent from straining the vocal cord muscles, by using the glottic closure.

Vector illustration of an afro american jazz singer

Note:Many people think that the process of singing vocalization is different with speaking vocalization, but both are actually utilizing the same movements of the musculus extrinsic laryngis.You can just add rhythm and pitch to a speaking voice when you are singing, alternate the short and long lengths of sounds produced and that can be categorized as a song.
Please be more relaxed when singing a song!