A cervical disc hernia relating to a hoarse voice?

A hoarse voice is not directly connected to a cervical disc hernia, because the nervous systems are different from eachother.
The nerve relating to the cervical disc hernia is positioned from the cervical spine to the arm and fingers, via the brachial plexus.
The nervous system relating to a hoarse voice is positioned to the larynx from the neck. These nerves are the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the superior laryngeal nerve.
Therefore, there is no possibility for causing or having any connection with a hoarse voice by way of a cervical disc hernia.
Note:There are some indirect influences about the cervical disc hernia and a hoarse voice. This is because if you hurt your neck, you try to avoid or prevent from feeling continuous future pain to the neck by straining the muscles around neck. This is done usually to support the injured or sore neck.
This action also affects the anterior cervical which hardens muscles relating to vocalization. As well as the larynx being positioned deep in the throat. The lesser horn of the cartilage is pressured due to LDP. So, the opening of the glottis will make a hoarse voice.
If your Doctor says you have no problem with the vocal cords at the otological hospital, you might have LDP. It is often overlooked and sometimes difficult to detect through standard tests. For unanswered questions and broader scales of diagnoses, seek a Specialist in ‘Throat Care’ for more detailed and complete tests.