THE 3 TENORS in concert 1990

The 3 tenors are Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and José Carreras. They performed in concert together at the ‘Baths of Caracalla’ in Rome, Italy in July of 1990. The DVD of the concert has since been released.
Although they did not sing the same song, all of them had such confidence that each one was the best singer of the three.
They even fought over who sing first.
Their voice were incredible, amazing and their singing really helped us to understand that style vocalizing more.
You can easily observe the forms of the larynx, the jaw, the mouth shapes, the tongue and the lips’ movements in the movie.
I mention their the characteristics of singing as follows:
●Luciano Pavarotti:Pharyngeal cavity
●Plácido Domingo:Standing the lingual apex and the epipharynx
●Jose Carreras:Mouth and lips
The above points mentioned mainly outline each tenor’s strongest quality displayed in that performance. They all sing very well, so I cannot judge which one is the best. This is because the voice depends on a lot of individual factors.
Even if you want to sing like Pavarotti, you cannot sing like him if your middle constrictor strains and if you do not have a large sized resonance chamber. You have to improve muscles to support the hyoid bone and have maximum flexibility.
If you understand your throat (by yourself well) and learn by observing how to sing a song from their performances, you don’t need anything else!

Note1:You can understand and know your throat better if you use a video recording image, and investigate the status of the musculus extrinsic laryngis by means of palpating.