Even a great singer will sometimes encounter a state of bad condition with their voice

Luciano Pavarotti used to cancel his concerts often, due to not having a good vocal condition at that time, and Salvatore Licitra is famous for being his substitution.
The even a world-class opera singer can suddenly fall into a slump, and not be able to sing a song.
No wonder, you have a slump sometimes for singing. That’s why! It is common and happens to even the best.
Vocalization is operated by the vocal cord, breathing, the musculus extrinsic laryngis and vocal mucosa. The thickness of the vocal cords’ mucosa can be changed by the humidity and this change directly affects the voice.
Furthermore, the condition of the musculus extrinsic laryngis can also change suddenly by just a mild cough or sneezing, as well as your breathing being changed by the body’s positioning/stance.
The voice is significantly affected by such small matters.
The following 5 factors are suggested for preventing your voice from entering a state of bad condition:1.Improve the blood circulation of superior laryngeal artery 2.Improve the flexibility of the musculus extrinsic laryngis 3.Improve muscles of musculus extrinsic laryngis 4.Improve breathing techniques for your singing 5.Keep a strong mental balance
Please check “The 5 factors of creating voice” again.

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Note:Professional singers have to impress people in order to make them want to listen to their singing. If you feel that today is impossible to make an impression on listener due to a poor state or condition, then cancelling the concert is probably a smart choice. However, keep in mind the audience is going to be disappointed with any cancellation of event. That’s exactly why you have to take good care of your throat all the time.