The voice according to the shape of the throat

There are variations of suitable voices for opera, rock, jazz, folk, ballads, gospel or pop…
At Aida Voice Care Salon we can know whether your throat is suitable for singing many different music genres such as opera, rock, jazz, pop, etc. This is determined by an evaluation. Checking the shape, size, and the visible angles of the muscles of the throat. Of course, you can sing any music genre for personal preference, or fun even if your voice is suitable for other music. For professional career singers, it is really best to stick with the genres and styles you are suitable for. This is because striving to sing a genre that hits fairly high notes or expels breaths for extended periods of time requires specific shape conditions of the throat’s structure, which is decided through genetic makeup.
Keeping kindness in consideration to a vocalists, respectively there are no relative merits about vocalization, it would be better to vocally match up the genre with a genre suitable/compatible singer.
Please relax and let your voice out with your favorite style and you will be able to master your best vocalizing for you.


Note1:The following matters are most people’s concerns, and yes these issues will interfere with your natural and daily vocalization.
(1)Stiff muscles around the larynx
(2)Hypertonic phonation
You need the physical healing to fix the above issues.

Note2:Please ask me by contacting my Voice Care Salon in Tokyo, if you want to know what kind of music genres are suitable for your voice, or any form of voice care treatment. Set up an appointment by phone, or through email.