Why cant I let out a high-pitched voice?

If you are routinely training in vocalizing and you still cannot let out a high-pitched voice or make noticeable progress in such, it might be that your cricothyroid articulation is not moving correctly or that you have subluxation of the cricothyroid articulation.


Note1:The cricothyroid articulation has to move both the left and right sides simultaneously. Therefore, if the size or angle of inferior horn of the thyroid cartilage is different, or there are extreme variations in size between the right and left sides of the glenoid cavity of cricoid cartilage, then the vocal fold cannot extend properly due to an unbalanced movement of muscles. This unbalanced movement of the muscles is the underlying reason why a person cannot let out a high-pitched voice. many failed attempts of trying to reach the high pitch or register can and will end in the straining of muscles surrounding the vocal cord, as well as make your throat get tired easily.

Note2:People cannot realize by themselves, if they have a malfunctioning cricothyroid articulation or the subluxation of cricothyroid articulation. This is because there is generally no pain or observable symptoms to identify those issues.

Note3:At My Voice Care Salon we have the ability to run tests which check how your cricothyroid articulation moves, by means of using a video recording device which focuses on the cricoid cartilage in the front of the cervical vertebrae.