A loud voice but not a hoarse voice

You have a hoarse voice when you shout or produce a loud voice, this is because the air leaks out after the vocal folds vibrate excessively. Breathing is a common underlying reason why a loud voice results in a hoarse voice.
There are two reasons for the above issue, they are as follows:
(1)The vocal folds are easy to get tired and turn outward
(2)The breathing action is too strong

If you have (1), you have to strengthen the vocal cord muscles. These muscle are not easy to train, because you can’t control the vocal cord muscles consciously. Strengthening these muscles can be done through routine practice and training.
The vocal cord muscles usually move when vocalizing, and you have to have a proper condition to be able to move the vocal cord muscles easily.
If you have(2), please try to control the breathing quantity when exhaling air.
Having a large lung capacity does have an advantage in singing, but quantity of breathing is actually more important.
Large strong voice production does not necessarily need a large lung capacity. However, you do have to gain your voice in the resonance chamber to make a loud voice.
Please practice, and produce a strong voice in your resonance chamber.