Maria Callas had LDP?

Maria Callas is an opera singer who I’ve listened to and watched sing millions of times so far.
As a result, I’ve found out and understand the mechanics of her throat.
Her larynx was moving and had great flexibly in the early stages of her singing career, but her larynx got in deep after around 1960 and her voice changed. The larynx’s deep position impacted negative changes in her voice, regarding flexibility and control.
The characteristics of her larynx from the early to latter stages of her opera career are as follows:
1:Her thyroid cartilage was bigger when compared to other soprano singers. She could produce a loud rich voice, but often displayed it was a challenge and took extreme effort to control her throat muscles due to a heavy larynx.

2:The shape of her larynx was a normal shape around the top but noticibly wider around the bottom. Due to this widened shape, she could extend to a wide range of vocal tones. The vocal fold was also enlarged.

3:The movement of the hyoid bone was smooth and flexible. The pharyngeal cavity was a large size, enabling her to control sound easily.

4:The movement of larynx had then changed, and her voice became boxy. Problems with letting out a high register due to LDP could easily be noticed when she had a bad condition.

5:The movement of the musculus extrinsic laryngis was sometimes not stable in reference to control by both the physical and mental states.

6:The omohyoid muscle sometimes rose to the surface and the larynx got in deep which directly interfered with its ability to move.

7:The movement range of cricothyroid articulation was increased. The cricoid cartilage was large and she was able to sing loud high-registers, but when she had LDP she had a cough.

8:Her collarbone connecting to her chest moved very well and taking breaths as well as breathing were above average.

9:Her jaw joint did not work so well, and sometimes delayed in letting out the voice.

As described in the above investigation, you can determine that she had LDP. Please compare and observe this information when listening her voice.