Recommending shadow singing

If you practice imitating/mirroring someone singing one of your favorite songs, you can get better at singing and have a better chance of sounding like them.
This is mirror effect.
Imitating the breathing patterns by how many words are spoken with each breath is a good way to practice better breathing techniques. You can first (a couple times) just practice breathing by letting out the air without using your actual voice yet. The reason this is a good way to start is because the amount of breaths taken and timing are very important. Then, practice moving not only your mouth but also the muscles around the throat. View those movements in front of a mirror. This is to memorize proper mouth and lip movements while only letting out your breath. Finally, combine and add vocalization to the breathing and movements you practiced. This method will increase your accuracy as well as confidence in perfecting the song, covering every factor of the vocalization as well as physical performance.
Again, please imitate your favorite singer’s timing and actions when taking breaths.

Note1:Shadow singing can be practiced breathing, memorized use and movements of the larynx, mouth, nose, and also the ears’ hearing ability to recognize the sounds produced.

Note2:The vocal cord does not vibrate without air. So, you are exercising the voice while breathing air, even though you aren’t making sounds by using your throat.