Details about a mixed voice

There is no terminology or medical words defining a mixed sounding voice, so I will explain about the mechanics of this creating this unique style of voice.
The high-register which mixes a normal and a falsetto with relaxing tones is really attractive and noticeable when this voice style is displayed.
You can use the following techniques for karaoke.
(1)Harden the vocal muscles to make high-register vocals
(2)Relax the muscles to increase the vibrating vocal cords’ mucosa
(3)Slightly open the glottis to control breathing
(4)Move the costovertebral joint widely when exhaling air
(5)Expand the pharyngeal cavity while sticking out your lower jaw
(6) Don’t forget stay calm and relaxed when singing, this is heard through sound and breathing as well as seen by your audience through your body language and posture
You have to be precise doing 1 through 6, because if the ordering is different, you may not be able to produce a strong mixed voice.
A ‘mix voice’ means controlling the air between the glottis whilst keeping balance with the vocal cord muscles and vocal cord mucosa.
Just like the voice traveling through the air for us to hear the sound in our ears, before that happens in vocal production the voice must travel using the air in our bodies to produce those sounds.
Although it’s difficult to control the muscles needed to make a mixed voice, if you understand the mechanics you can improve your mixed voice.