Posture tips for singing

Please be conscious to shift your weight forward, like almost standing on your front toes when you sing a song.
Don’t bend your head down and keep facing front.
The tips are especially helpful, if you use this posture when you change your voice pitch to high, because you can let out the high-register more easily.
The reason is that when your weight is pushed forth, your back muscles are squeezed to relax the cervical muscles, and can move muscles relating to vocalization very well. Those actions will finally in turn improve moving the cricothyroid articulation.


Note1:José Carreras who is a Spanish tenor master also often displayed the above posture. He makes his high-register when standing on one foot with his weight on his front toes.
Please review his videos if you are interested in his posture techniques.

Note2:As a voice care professional I often hear from other voice professionals as well as singers that, ‘wearing high-heel shoes makes people better when singing.’ That statement adds confirmation and supports the belief that the bent-forward posture would positively affect the voice.