A hoarse voice can either sound noisy or attractive, each which (style of sound) depends on how the resonance chamber is being used.
I asked 25 people, who at that time, had a hoarse voice.
1.Bad voice…15
2.Good voice…4
3.Neither one…6
Results conclude, the majority of people thought the hoarse voice had a negative or bad sound to it.
In fact, the hoarse voice was harder to listen to and made conversation difficult.
However the degree of hoarseness is also a considerate factor. A slight hoarse voice is attractive for singing, and a lot of Jazz or Blues singers have a slightly hoarse voice.
The husky sounding voice is relevant to leaking air.
It is important to understand and know how to use the resonance chamber.
If you don’t resonate your voice in your resonance chamber, the hoarse voice just becomes unappealing noise.
There are 2 conditions needed to overcome a hoarse voice and have an attractive voice.
(1)Being able to control leaking air
(2)You have to properly utilize your resonance chamber, especially the pharyngeal cavity.
Note:The hoarse voice happens mainly when the vocal fold does not close perfectly, and air is leaking in the space of the glottis in turn obstructing the ability to vibrate the vocal fold.
There could be several reasons why a person could have a hoarse voice, they are as follows:
1)Vocal nodule or Recurrent nerve palsy
3)Voice abuse
4)Muscle weakness surrounding the muscles needed to close the glottis
5)The lesser horn of cartilage is pressured due to LDP resulting in difficulty opening the glottis easily.

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