Having trouble with your high-pitch voice? Please try (1) Air in (2) Compulsory vibrations

You should try the following, if you are having trouble with your high-pitched voice.
(1)Air in
(2)Compulsory vibrate

1:Air in
You purposely put air into your voice.
To put air into your voice you have to control the obturator muscle and the dilator muscle. You also need flexibility of the muscles relevant to vocalization.
The flexibility conditions are:
1. No sound when twisting the larynx
2. When squeezing, palpating, and/or inverting the thyroid cartilage by means of using your fingers to touch the outside of the throat, you can touch and move these muscles easily.
2:Compulsory vibrate
Make vibrations of your voice forcibly and consciously.
You should be able to ease and relax the contracted muscles with vibrations. Do this by using proper breathing techniques and the cricothyroid muscle together, to produce a higher-pitched voice easier.
The most of good singer use “air in” and “compulsory vibrate” without thinking.

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Note1: The front of muscle in the cervical area relating to vocalization does not move by itself, because it’s composed of soft tissues.

Note2: This blog and our Voice Care Clinic’s purpose is to support all areas of the musculus extrinsic laryngis. Confirm proper movements surrounding the voice, as well as figure out the degree of flexibility of active of muscles relating to vocalization. We wish to improve your vocalization!