Choosing a Karaoke room and practicing singing

I will now explain some informative tips and factors when choosing a private Karaoke room for the purpose of practicing singing.
(1)Room Size
I always take the biggest room, and if possible a room with a small stage or platform.
If you are able to practice singing on the stage you can train in posture, breathing techniques, improve your expressiveness, and get used to singing in a concert-style atmosphere. Facing center, and having confidence in this room will also aid in overcoming nervousness or stage fright in the future.
(2)The shape of the room
The shape of the should be rectangular and have a high ceiling. You can not expect to produce great sound in a triangular room, circular room or a room that has a big pole. Sound should travel freely balanced and openly, not bouncing off too many objects.
(3)A state of the art/good quality karaoke machine
A newer karaoke machine is always better. Be aware that some rooms might still have dated old microphones and speaker equipment, even if the karaoke machine is new. Check every aspect of the equipment, especially if you plan to frequent that Karaoke establishment on a weekly or monthly basis.
(4)A Quiet room
It’s not good for your voice if you sing in a room where you can hear someone singing in another room close to yours. This is because you may unconsciously try to sing loudly to block other noise. Singing loudly is good, but you don’t want to strain your vocal muscles trying to drown out other people’s sounds. Also, additional noise from neighboring rooms may be a distraction and affect your rhythm and sound production.
(5)A Non-smoking room
Try to avoid choosing to take or share a room with smokers. If you stay in a smoking room for an extended amount of time, even though you don’t smoke in the room, you may possibly feel sick or feel a dryness in your throat. This is from smoke build-up, poor air ventilation/circulation, or maybe the person who recently used the room before you.
Additionally, it’s not good to sing a song and drink alcohol in you are practicing singing seriously. I recommend drinking room temperature water.