The ideal shape of the thyroid cartilage for a Vocalist/Singer

Every individual person’s voice is different. I’ve seen, as well as examined, a lot of throats and can confidently say that this aspect of varied differences all depends on the shape of the person’s thyroid cartilage.
There is no good shape or bad shape when it comes to the thyroid cartilage, as long as you can let out your voice normally. However, throughout the years it has been determined that there is an ideal shape for great singing.
There are two conditions that must be met to be considered in having an ideal thyroid shape for great singing.
1:The thyroid cartilage size
The thyroid cartilage size must be big. Just like a piano, there are obvious differences between the sounds produced by an upright piano and a grand piano.
Having big thyroid cartilage can resonate the voice bigger, therefore the resonance chamber is also big. In turn, the larger size will result in stronger sound capability.
2:The thyroid cartilage shape
The angle of the thyroid cartilage is not too sharp, but also not too obtuse.
A male will generally have sharp thyroid cartilage. You usually see the shape on the throat and the thyroid cartilage easily. It is also big and heavy, having a long vocal fold assists in making a low-pitched voice.
Females usually have an obtuse and small thyroid cartilage. Having a short vocal fold assists in making a high-pitched voice.
A good angle for singing is approximately 60 degrees, like an equilateral triangle.
A good shape should appear to look as though the laryngeal prominence is slightly hidden for man and more visibly noticeable for a woman under the skin.
Furthermore, the vocal cord is flat fold. In the case of a male, if the thyroid cartilage is big and also the shape of an equilateral triangle, then the vocal fold would be short, thus making it easier to let out a high-pitched voice than a low-pitched voice. This is because the surface area is large. Resonance and sound would improve though.
In the case of female, if the thyroid cartilage is big and also in the shape of an equilateral triangle, then the vocal fold would be long and it would be easier to let out middle and low-pitched sounds.
Basically, females have small thyroid cartilage. This small size makes it easy to let out a high-pitched voice, and displays a wide range in medium to high pitch sounds.


Note1:You cannot change the shape of your thyroid cartilage, but you can have a great voice with a wide range if you improve the muscle’s activity relevant to vocalization.

Note2:Even if the thyroid cartilage is an ideal shape, the edge is either curved inside or widened outward. These make an individual’s voice different from others.
This kind of structural difference also changes the voice’s range. In conclusion, yes an ideal shape is great, just be aware that there is no ‘best shape.’ Perfect or best shape is a matter of opinion only and might not even exist.