Injuring or rupturing the stylohyoid ligament

I’ve met people who feel and suffer pain under the right side of their jaw when massaging by themselves. This issue could be related to a rupturing of the stylohyoid ligament.
The symptoms are as follows:
1:Feeling a little pain in the throat 2:A strange sound made in the throat when swallowing 3:A strange sound made in the throat when letting out a low-pitched voice 4:Difficulty in letting out the voice 5:Feeling of choking.
I have determined this after examining several patients with the above symptoms, in which they either have pulled, strained or )in the worst) case ruptured the stylohyoid ligament.
One specific patient had the stylohyoid ligament ruptured in his throat. In that case I also determined the stylohyoid muscle was affected as well.
An injury such as that is challenging to see from the outside/exterior of the skin, but when I investigate particularly I can observe the following:
1.Visible dent in the part of the rupture 2.The position of the hyoid bone is not normal 3.Having marks of internal bleeding 4.Muscles are not symmetrical when vocalizing 5.Having LDP (larynx in a deepened position)
I usually tape the throat to support the digastric muscle in order to fix the symptoms and discomfort.
Please be careful if you massage by yourself to relieve muscle tension or stress.

guy bending his neck